Audience-Centric Marketing and Why It’s Essential For Your Business

Livebook Audience-centric Marketing

Audience-centric marketing can benefit your company considerably. From increased sales productivity and enhanced alignment between marketing and sales to revenue progression. The benefits are endless.

Concentrating on audience segmentation helps to increase customer engagement, therefore, resulting in higher response rate, social media engagement rates, potential customer leads and conversion rates.


But what is an audience-centric marketing approach?

It’s all about showing interest in your current and prospective customers. Completely understanding them, their needs and what interests them.

An audience-centric approach is making a lasting impression. That impression needs to be built on what you have learnt about your customers. Find out their needs and interests and target your messages directly to them.

Understanding consumers and the messaging that resonates with them enables marketers to customise their marketing campaigns. Personalised marketing campaigns help to influence different segments of your audience, by provoking different interests, attitudes, values etc.


An audience-centric marketing approach can provide benefits such as:


Understanding your customer’s needs

The more you understand about your audience the easier it is to market to them, therefore making your messaging and content more appealing. Identifying and researching your customer’s buyer persona and pain points will benefit your marketing efforts. It will help you understand not only the buyers’ journey, but also help create engaging and educational information which will resonate with your customers.

Providing solutions to their problems will convert a potential customer into a lead and a lead into a conversion.

It creates trust

When providing content that reflects the interests of your audience it shows you have invested time in them. As a result, this will help to keep your audiences engaged and deter them from seeking content and answers elsewhere.  

Connecting on a personal level

Lastly, it is much easier to create content that revolves around your business and its successes – that goes without saying. But you’ll find that by completely understanding your audience and pushing out diverse content, you will increase engagement. It enables you to create messaging, content and collateral around their interests, wants and needs, therefore providing much more growth.

Diverse content will help your audience connect with your business/brand on a higher level. 

Lastly, it is extremely important to factor in mobile use and the importance of optimizing your online content for mobiles.

In conjunction with adding diverse customer-focused content, its also about understanding where/how customers or prospective customers are finding your brand. Technology is continually evolving and we need to evolve with it. Optimising content for mobile is crucial for a brand, as the number of mobile searches are frequently increasing.

The length of time it takes a buyer to progress through the ‘buyer’s journey’ phases varies based on a mix of internal and external factors. The longer the journey, the more likely the customer will regularly revisit your site from different platforms. Badly optimised mobile content can drive traffic away in seconds, and nobody wants that.


For too long, marketers have thought about content first, and understanding who consumes it second. To help your business marketing thrive, flip that and focus on more of an Inbound marketing methodology.

We need to completely understand our audience, from what they expect to what they want from us. By understanding this, it will help us to create content and marketing solutions that will resonate with our audience. Enabling us to stand out in our marketplace and provide customers with educational, timely and significant content.

To have a successful audience-centric approach, every aspect of your business should be aligned with the company purpose and an optimal customer experience.

Every company is different, so contact MMR today and we can customise a package to suit your company’s individual goals; ranging from marketing strategies to incorporate an audience-centric approach or marketing collateral design and build like a Livebook. Let’s start the discussion and see where it takes us.