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‘Being able to search the directory in a wide variety of ways makes finding the right business quick and easy’


The German Australian Business Directory features one of the most accurate databases of German companies currently operating in Australia. It provides a valuable resource for those looking to do business or work for those companies.

Even though the general look of the directory remains the same each year, the directory still requires a major update. Businesses are added or removed, contact details change, promoted business are different each year and so are key stakeholders such as managing directors. With so many moving parts, maintaining an up-to-date directory is a labour intensive endeavour, and towards the end of each year much of the directories information is out-of-date. Based on that, we realized that an online document editor would be a great solution.

Adding to the expense of a large print run each year was the necessary inclusion of indexes by state and industry, increasing the pagination and print cost. Searching the printed directory for businesses was limited by the print medium, with the listings appearing in standard alphabetical order only.

Online document editor

“The work with MMR on our Livebook Business Directory has been great. MMR were very responsive to our requests throughout the build of the Livebook and very helpful in the test phase. The feedback we received from our stakeholders about Directory has been positive. One of the great points they raised is how user friendly and easy to navigate it is. On top of the overall functionality, the fact the we can create advertisement within the Livebook has come in handy to promote our own business and to sell ad space to customers.”


Creating the business directory on the Livebook platform makes keeping the information up-to-date a quick and easy process. All content can be quickly found and edited using the intuitive text editor in the back end, with the client being able to make changes the moment updates are received.

Livebook is an easy to use online document editor, that makes updating your content as easy as a breeze. 

Comprehensive search options are now included to make finding the right business easier than ever before. The entire directory can be viewed by alphabet, state, industry or subsidiary companies. Keywords can be searched in a variety of ways too – by all categories, name, address, branch, parent company or membership type – ensuring users can quickly find relevant businesses.

The advanced sorting systems make Livebook and ideal solution for a business directory, or any directory.

Advertising within the directory was another important consideration. Ads appear at the same module size as listings, and therefore can appear anywhere within the directory, allowing the client to sell advertising space in a range of ways. They can appear by industry (when someone is looking through lawyers, the law firm’s ad will show up), state (if looking through the listings for a particular state, only ads relevant for that state will show), and/or randomised. Rotation of ads was also included to allow three advertisers per industry to feature, making it a more exclusive proposition.

You can Monetize your publication with including the Livebook advertising module.

The design of the printed directory was upheld for the intro pages, allowing the inclusion of multiple images through image galleries and interesting print-styled layouts. For the directory, the layout was improved my implementing a standard listing size that resulted in a neater look and feel, and featured listings were also included to provide more information about premium partners.

The cost savings of no longer having to print and distribute the directory, along with the ability to sell advertising in a wide range of ways ensures the German Australian Business Directory is more viable than ever before.

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German Australian Business Directory

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