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Digital design user experience and user interface - UX and UI

Digital Design – User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

UI & UX: What’s the difference when designing awesome digital products?   UX or User Experience is a buzzword that has been adopted and bounced …

Annual Report

Our top tips for writing an excellent annual report

How to write an excellent annual report The annual report is a yearly summary and record of the businesses operations and financial positions.  It …


The Agile HTML5 is Quickly Changing The Digital World.

Introduction to HTML5 Let’s take a quick look into how HTML5 became the ultimate web improving technology. Basically, it started as a competition between …

What is SEO

The First Thing to Understand About SEO 

What is SEO   Lately, this has become a commonly used term – So what is it that makes SEO so important and how …

Livebook Audience-centric Marketing

Audience-Centric Marketing and Why It’s Essential For Your Business

Audience-centric marketing can benefit your company considerably. From increased sales productivity and enhanced alignment between marketing and sales to revenue progression. The benefits are …

Livebook- marketing strategy meeting

4 Simple Ways To Optimise Your Marketing Communications

Marketing is all about communication and stories. It aims to show potential customers how their brand can solve the customer’s problems and fulfil their …

Responsive Web Design And New Digital Publishing Trends.

Responsive Web Design And New Digital Publishing Trends

Here is the story of how Livebook was born We live at the age of responsive web design and ever-changing digital publishing trends. Livebook …

Building a Livebook - your interactive content platform

Building a Livebook – The New and Agile Interactive Content Platform

As we know from the Livebook introduction article, Livebook is an interactive content platform and an excellent PDF alternative with all the modern capabilities. …

online advertising

New Component – Easily Monetise Your Livebook With Online Advertising

It is now easier than ever to include online advertising in your publications and monetise your documents. Livebook lets you sell ad space in …

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