A Responsive Website to Improve Business Processes

Business process

How your business operates can make or break you as a business. 

Business processes are relatively evident in all organisations. 

Business processes and procedures help form the daily pace for any business. Processes help to streamline individual activities and complicated projects. Their purpose is to ensure that the team is using all the right resources for the optimal solution with minimal time spent.

All everyday business activities should have structure and a process. Taking all the right steps in the right order will ensure a great result. A process helps to ensure that no steps ate missed and the team has a clear understanding of the task. Project management and business processes are the keys to an efficient business. They help increase ownership and accountability while increasing productivity and lowering output costs.

Business processes can range from simple client forms to processing sales or writing tender submissions. Due to the rapid growth of technology, our tasks are becoming more and more digital. 

Digitalising documents benefits all businesses as it increases the lifespan of the files and provides access to multiple users. Some leading examples of how our processes have been digitalized are CRM’s (customer relations management) and online booking systems. The sole purpose of these platforms is to streamline different business processes in a digital environment. And we can’t hide the fact that it is making our lives much easier!


How is Livebook going to optimise your business process?

Livebook can come to help when you are dealing with large scale documents and publications.

For example, imagine a large policy document that will be discussed in a big board meeting. It has happened that some members have an out-dated version of the document. This brings on a rush last-minute printing and binding that can delay the meeting and knock the whole day out of whack. With Livebook you won’t even need to print it out at all as it displays nicely on all screens and is always up to date. If using the document digitally there is another bonus, there will be no need to clean up all that paper afterwards. It is not uncommon, that a big pile of freshly printed and bound documents will go directly into the bin after a meeting. 

Another example could be for a situation where you have casual staff working at your premises and they would need to follow a set of instructions throughout the day. Instead of having to print and prepare their information packs for each day, these instructions could be set up as a Livebook. All you’d need to do is set your Staff up as users and give them tablets with Livebook access, easy!

Livebook is a responsive website solution created by MMR, that can help you streamline anything from marketing collateral to business processes or annual reports. 

Endless Purposes – Annual reports and Policy Documents.

Depending on the industry, businesses produce a wide range of documentation and publications. Livebook makes the process of creating, updating, and distributing them easy.  You can use the platform for many different types of documents, whether they are for external or internal use. 

Below are some examples of the types of documents that are optimal for Livebook development:

  • Instruction Manuals

  • Annual reports

  • Rule-books

  • Policy Documents 

  • Marketing Collateral

  • Directories

  • Activities books

  • Magazines

Livebook displays your document as a fully responsive website, which provides much better user experience than a PDF ever could.

Extensive Capabilities In a Responsive Website

Livebook is a responsive website and can be easily updated, downloaded, and shared across various platforms with just the click of a button. They can be integrated into your marketing strategy and act as a part of your conversion path. If your Livebook is getting a lot of traffic,  you can commercialise it by selling ad space and including advertisements.

Livebook is safe and secure, with a range of access and visibility permissions available.  You can choose to put the whole document under a password if it’s confidential. Alternatively, you can choose to show some sections, and hide the others, visible to only certain members. if you are dealing with classified documents, you can be confident that they are protected. 


Editable and Multi-user access 

Livebook has an intuitive, easy to use content editor, allowing you to update or create new content as needed.  As a bonus, to make changes, you won’t require the help of a web developer.  Because it is a responsive website, all your updates are automatically optimised for different screen formats.

The best part is, you can make updates that will be live for everyone to see with a click of a button. The ability to update your publication online means that everyone will instantly have the latest copy. 

When managing your team in Livebook, you have the ability to control exactly who is in charge of what sections. You can enable users with different levels of access and give specific editing rights to corresponding staff members. This way, accountability is monitored and encouraged.


Downloadable and print-ready

Livebook has the functionality and capabilities of a website, but can also be downloaded as a PDF.  The website re-formats all pages into an A4 PDF, allowing you to download it easily. The conversion is automatic and no manual formatting is required.

Any updates you make in the back end will instantly carry over into the PDF when it gets generated. Livebook allows you to make quick last-minute edits with ease. You can update the website and the printable document all in one place.


Global reach and analytics 

Share your content with the world!

Because Livebook is a responsive website, it enables the latest version of your publication to be displayed on any device anywhere and anytime. 

Driving traffic to your publication is easy. Promote it through social media channels, websites, paid ads, email marketing and more.

As a fully responsive website, Livebook can house a range of content types such as text, video, image galleries, and interactive graphics that will keep your readers engaged. 

Lastly, Livebook enables you to gain a broader understanding of your audience through the use of  Google Analytics. Implementing analytics will allow you to see where your traffic is coming from and what pages/sections are receiving the most engagement. This data will provide you with the information you need to refine and improve your content strategy continually.


Managing processes can prove to be a difficult task. However, automation softwares can effortlessly assist. Platforms such as Livebook, will not only help increase productivity but as a fully responsive website is also helps to maximise all resources and minimise out-dated publications.


Livebook. The future of digital publication and business documents.


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