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‘The ability to update content at any time ensures the handbook is always up-to-date, and there are no more print expenses. This alone makes Livebook the best online documentation tool’


The W/BBL Tournament Handbook is a comprehensive 300+ page manual that provides details relating to all aspects of the W/BBL competition.

Year on year the manual was printed as an A5 ring bound handbook with tabbed sections, making it usable both in the office and on the pitch; but also making it expensive to produce.

Aside from the printing cost, the design cost to update the handbook was immense. With so many updates required each year, keeping track of all changes and then making them was a large undertaking.

The biggest problem with the printed manual was not being able to update the rules the moment they changed, resulting in the handbook being out-of-date not long after all copies had been printed and delivered.

PDF converter


By converting the handbook to a Livebook, the large printing and delivery costs disappeared entirely. The Livebook platform works as a PDF converter and allows users to print out pdfs of whole sections or sub sections, so those who prefer to reference a printed manual still have the ability to do so. 

The Livebook platform is basically an advanced website to PDF converter.

For all other users, having the W/BBL Tournament Handbook accessible on both their desktop computers or mobile devices ensures the manual is easy to use on the go. All Livebook’s are fully responsive, and created with readability on mobile devices as a top priority.

Security is another important feature of this handbook, ensuring no unauthorised access or sharing. Login access can be assigned to the whole manual, or only certain sections. The ability to share the whole manual or certain section only via email is a standard part of the Livebook platform.

There was no compromise on design, with all pages replicated as per the original printed handbook. The Livebook version of the manual includes all the usual infographic elements – graphs, charts, tables – along with images and icons. The big improvement comes in the form of other media inclusions; having the ability to instantly watch video content, or view a linked website without typing out long URLs makes using the Livebook handbook superior. There were many sample forms in the printed handbook, which can be filled in and printed with the click of a button on the new platform.

Most importantly, having the W/BBL Tournament Handbook as a Livebook ensures that all content can be updated in an instant, and the manual is now always up-to-date.

With all this in mind, we believe that Livebook could easily become the best online documentation tool out there.

BBL Tournament Handbook

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